An exclusive career development Webinar hosted by InterviewSnob

Interviews that turn into Job Offers

A virtual workshop that includes downloadable worksheets and resources

Hosted by
Gala Jackson

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February 7th
12:30 EST

Here is What You'll Learn

How to realistically prepare for an interview

Guessing interview questions and memorizing answers is NOT an effective way to prepare for your next interview. In fact, it is a sure fire way to set yourself up for a complete brain fart right in the middle of the interview causing your anxiety to skyrocket. Learn InterviewSnob's InterviewMethod® to confidently prepare for any interview question!

How to talk about your qualifications/skills with ease

Pinpointing your specific qualifications and accomplishments then be able to articulate those details with confidence and ease sounds impossible right!? Once you complete this webinar it will be a reality for YOU.

Learn how to tell your professional story in a compelling way!

How to determine if the job is the right fit for you

Ever felt like you've bamboozled in the interview process and take a job only to find out it's your WOST NIGHTMARE!? Yeah, we're not playing those games anymore in 2019 #facts

Learn how to ask specific questions that let you know if the position, company, and team are the right fit for you!

How to handle common interview questions

Tell me about yourself? Why are you interested in this job? Why are you seeking a new position? What makes you the right person for the job? I felt the anxiety too! Learn how to tackle these questions and more in a way that is authentic, certain, and without the sweat!

How to follow-up after the interview

All of that work to prepare for the interview, the energy that went into the interview, heart jumps every time the phone rings, hoping it's THE CALL...but complete silence!? Email, call, but no response? Learn how to follow-up after the interview BEFORE you leave the interview!

How to handle salary/compensation related questions

Worried about under- or over-selling yourself when asked about your salary requirements? Learn how to handle the salary question(s) in an informed, strategic way that will allow you to negotiate like a BOSS and actually secure the bag!


Gala Jackson, Webinar Facilitator

Gala Jackson is a certified Career and Executive Leadership Coach who provides results-oriented career and leadership coaching to domestic and international leaders. As the chief executive officer of InterviewSnob, a boutique career coaching firm, she helps professionals secure positions and grow in organizations across the country.

Her work includes coaching clients into companies such as Microsoft, Nike, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, Home Depot, Southern Company, First Data Corporation, Chick-fil-a, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, WellStar Health System, and more. Additionally, she has supported employee resource groups within companies such as Wal-Mart and the Georgia Power Company.

Gala is recognized for her easy-to-implement career and leadership development strategies, helping professionals pinpoint the next best step in their career, boost confidence in the career transition process, and cultivate authentic leadership through strengths-based leadership for accelerated career growth. In addition to coaching professionals, Gala is a national speaker, TEDx Talker, and professor at Kennesaw State University.

February 7th
12:30 EST